Sunday, February 1, 2009

A weekend of firsts!

This weekend brought several firsts for us:
...first (post-honeymoon) trip as a married couple
...first trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico
...first (of many, we hope!) visit to see the Steed family
...first time on Route 66
...first (and hopefully only) trip up the world's LONGEST aerial tram (literally)
...first view of snow in 2009 (Yes, it snows in New Mexico!) first time driving a Jeep (as much fun as I thought, thanks y'all!)

Anthony and I flew to Albuquerque on Friday to visit with our friends, the Steeds, and we had a wonderful time! Julie and Caroline picked us up at the airport and whisked us away to visit Derick at the Air Force base for a tour of the flight line. Anthony was like a kid in a candy store--hanging on Derick's every word about all the features of these aircraft and climbing inside for a look at them all (Julie, Caroline, and I climbed up in one or two, as well).

Friday evening we hung out at the Steed's house for a while to visit with the girls, and then we adults set out for a nice dinner. Not just a nice dinner, a nice dinner at the top of a dang mountain...but wait--it gets even better--a nice dinner at the top of a dang mountain which is only reachable by riding up the world's longest aerial tram! Yeah...not exaggerating, look it up--it's true. I was not thrilled at the idea of taking that tram ride, but it was worth the ride and not nearly as scary as I'd imagined (might be because we went at night, though). There was even a little snow at the top of the mountain, so we saw our first snow of 2009 (no snowball fights, was on the ground below the walkway to the restaurant).

We had a good meal with great company--the best part!

After dinner, we went back to the Steed's house to relax for a bit, and Anthony and Derick dueled in the virtual air while playing a Wii game. I'm not sure, but I think the grin on Derick's face says he was winning! After that, Julie and I also got in on the action, and we all played the most hilarious and goofy Wii game yet, which Anthony and I will be purchasing soon.

I think we kept Derick and Julie up past their bedtime, but we had so much fun! Fortunately, our lodging was less than 5 minutes from their house, so they loaned us Derick's Jeep, and we headed back to the room. Anthony has talked before about wanting a Jeep, and I think he definitely has the fever now! I have to admit, after my turn driving it on Saturday morning, I do think it would be pretty cool to have one.

Saturday morning, we all piled in the van and headed out for a great (and HOT!) New Mexican breakfast and visit to Albuquerque Old Town. One of the things we saw there was this beautiful church, the oldest in New Mexico.

A stop by one of the stores gave us several wonderful photo ops! The girls, as well as Anthony and Derick, had a good time trying on some of the hats and posing for the camera.

Derick looks so serious, but he is the one who started all this mess in the first place!

Following our trip to Old Town, we stopped at the Route 66 Diner before heading to the airport. Route 66 actually travels thru Albuquerque, so we were able to add that to the list of firsts--a ride down the historic highway! The Steeds told us that the Route 66 Diner has the best milkshakes, and they definitely did not disappoint! Among them are the Pink Cadillac (Mattie's choice--strawberry ice cream with Oreo bits), the Elvis (my choice, peanut butter and banana), and an old fashioned chocolate malt. Um, can we say "yum?!" I think the photo says it all---the only time that all six of us were quiet at the same time all day! Anthony and I arrived back at the Albuquerque Sunport (they don't call it an airport, though I'm not sure why) on a sugar high and plotting our next adventure after having enjoyed a wonderful visit with great friends that was filled with lots of fun and laughs! At breakfast that morning Derick told Anthony it was too bad that we hadn't come during the week because they could've gone out to the end of the runway to watch the planes take off. Anthony's eyes got big, and when we told Derick that his normal days off are Wednesday and Thursday, I'm pretty sure I saw the wheels start to turn while Derick cooked up an idea for our next trip. I hope they were serious when they said we could come back, because somehow I think we'll be attempting to go back before they move to Kansas.

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