Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And one more for today....

Again, this is something that happened a few weeks ago.

I would just like to announce that I survived the first visit from my in-laws! My parents have been in and out of the house many times since I moved in...helping bring things over, helping me decide which piece of furniture goes where, etc.

Anthony's parents hadn't been here since we first bought the house, and I was ok with that *because* I wanted it to be JUST SO before they saw it again.

I tried to explain to Anthony over and over (and over and over) that I would always be nervous about their visits because I expect they will be holding me to quite high standards....being the woman that "took" their baby boy away and wanting me to take good care of him and all. I've told him how it's likely that no daughter in law is ever good enough for the in-laws and that I feared that if one tiny little thing was out of place or one speck of dust was shown, it would forever ruin their opinion of me and my housekeeping abilities...that they'd be convinced that their son was living with a terrible housekeeper and probably a terrible wife....

So, yeah, I was nervous about their visit.

Anthony and I slaved away for hours and hours several days in a row in preparation for their visit, and we still had to leave 2 bedroom doors closed because they weren't just "company perfect."

I think we were up until about 2 o'clock the night before, and I was up quite early the morning of their visit...spotless house (save those 2 rooms)...PERFECT Christmas tree...every piece of furniture in place...we were ready.

And they were late (which was important because Anthony had to leave for work)...so the more time that passed while we waited,the more nervous I got.

Did I mention that I was nervous?

They finally arrived, and I am quite pleased to announce that it was a nice visit filled with lots of compliments! Anthony had to leave for work shortly after they arrived, so I was here with them alone for a couple of hours. It was a strange feeling being in our home with Anthony's parents but without Anthony, but I think it went very well.

We had a very nice visit and lunch (no, I did not attempt to cook and burn something!), and they seemed to really enjoy themselves. They complimented us both on how much we'd gotten done, they complimented us on how nice the furniture looked, and they even complimented my Christmas tree!

I'm pretty sure I don't remember what happened after they left....I think I might've collapsed and lost a few hours of time there, but it was worth it...my house was perfect (to the naked eye) when they got here, and Anthony told me how much he appreciated all my hard work for their visit.

Now....about those two closed doors.............

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