Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our first Valentine's Day as husband and wife!

Our Valentine's Day this year didn't quite turn out as planned, but sometimes things just can't be helped. So, Anthony and I had our own celebration very late in the evening yesterday (think finishing dinner around 11:30 last night).

Anthony worked outside to get the grill just right.....
The picture doesn't do it justice....he was laying on the driveway blowing air into the coals for quite some time.
I know it looks like he's in pain, but he was smiling thru the smoke--proud of those flames!
While he was busy outside, I got to work in the kitchen trying to set up a nice table for us....only to realize that our only tablecloth is Christmas green. So, I improvised!
I covered the table with red wrapping paper, used the candlesticks Anthony gave me for our 3 year dating anniversary, and scattered conversation hearts on the table. I love a show on Food Network called Semi-Homemade, and one of the cool things that Sandra Lee (host of the show) does is what she calls tablescapes--fancy table settings, decorations, etc. While I thought it was just ok, Anthony said I did a nice "tablescape" (his word), so I guess it's not too bad!
Anthony's family treated us to some groceries for our special meal, so we had steak, grilled asparagus, and baked potatoes--yum! After we dined, we exchanged gifts in our PJ's....can't beat a quiet night at home that ends with presents! Who needs fancy restaurants and and expensive meals? :) Now, if we could just get those picture frames hung up....

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