Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My husband rocks!

See, this is why I'm not entirely sure I should have started a blog b/c I never update it! Maybe I can get better about it.

One of the many reasons my husband is the best (a long running joke between us in that we both always say the other is "the best").... When I cook really terrible food, he still finds a reason to say it's good!

About a week ago we both got a hankering for some cinnamon rolls. Given that my kitchen isn't completely set up yet and that I'm not quite that industrious, I didn't make them from scratch. I opted for the Pillsbury ones in a can as they hold childhood memories for each of us. My mom always cooked them in a round cake pan, but I don't have one of those here yet. So, I decided that I would just put them in a circle formation closely together...should be the same, right?

Eh...not so much. The middle ones didn't get quite done (which was fine w/me), and the outer ones were burned on the bottom. I don't exaggerate...they were burned. After I gave out my typical disclaimer of "if they're terrible, you will not hurt my feelings," Anthony takes a big bite and says "they're great! I like 'em crunchy!"

That is why my husband rocks!

He also rocks because he stops on the way home for things he hears me say we need....and tonight for dinner he's eating burned cube steak and telling me how good it is. :)

Honestly...despite this post and the one that will follow soon (which actually happened a few weeks ago), I really can cook....sometimes.

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